Evon Android

Next-Gen Scripting, in your pocket. No strings attached.

Evon Script List: Displaying a variety of scripts available for execution within the Evon Executor

Scriptblox for your pocket

No more searching infinitely for scripts - Powered by ScriptBlox, Evon Android has a large catalog of scripts you can run directly from the UI.

Evon Settings: Unlock FPS, Self-Destruct UI, and More

Settings for every use-case

Everything from smooth injection, to auto-execute, to an FPS unlocker and beyond - available in Evon's settings

Evon Main Window: The central interface for executing Lua scripts in the Evon Exploit


A Level 8 UNC Execution Core, a large amount of functions, the ability to run almost any script, A Customizable UI, A Built-In UI Library, An FPS Unlocker & more, for your pocket - That's Evon Android

Evon: Unified Naming Convention (UNC) Compatibility


Evon supports the Unified Naming Convention, allowing Evon to be compatible with 99.9% of modern scripts.

Evon Executor: Windows Platform Compatibility

Next-Gen Desktop Scripting

Evon Windows is a powerful, next-gen scripting platform for Windows, with a powerful UI, a large amount of functions, and more.


People often have questions, we like to provide answers

What scripts does Evon support?

As a Level 8 Executor, Evon Android supports all scripts, excluding ones made exclusively for Synapse-X. This means it'll run 99% of modern scripts without any issues!

Is Evon better than Arceus X?

Yes; Evon supports a giant portion of UNC allowing better compatibility with scripts than Arceus X & similar executors. Additionally, Evon has better FPS & a faster execution core than 99% of the competition, allowing your scripts to run faster than on competing executors.

Does Evon Android have a key system?

Yes, Evon Android does have a key system.

I'm having an issue with Evon - Where can I get help?

You can join Evon's Discord right here

Ready for Evon in your pocket?

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