Clean and slick UI, support for both its own custom, keyless DLL as well as KRNL & Oxygen U.

Evon Script List: Displaying a variety of scripts available for execution within the Evon Executor

Built-In Script List

No more searching infinitely for scripts - Powered by ScriptBlox, Evon has a large catalog of scripts you can run directly from the UI.

Evon UI Settings: Displaying the user interface customization options and settings within the Evon Exploit

Settings for every use-case

Everything from smooth injection, to auto-execute, to an FPS unlocker and beyond - available in Evon's settings

Evon Executor Development: Displaying the Visual Studio IDE where Evon Executor is being developed and optimized

Powerful IDE

Evon's Integrated Development Environment, using the Monaco editor, provides an Optimized Scripting Experience, allowing you to reach your true scripting potential.

Evon: Unified Naming Convention (UNC) Compatibility


Evon supports the Unified Naming Convention, allowing Evon to be compatible with 99.9% of modern scripts.

Evon Mobile: Cross-Platform Support, Including Android

Next-Gen Mobile Scripting

Evon Android offers next-generation Scripting in your pocket.
For Free.


People often have questions, we like to provide answers

What scripts does Evon support?

As a Level 8 Executor, Evon supports all scripts, excluding ones made exclusively for Synapse-X. This means it'll run 99% of modern scripts without a problem.

Why does Virustotal and my antivirus say Evon is a virus?

Evon is not a virus.
The reason these flags get falsely set off and detected as a malicious software, is because of the DLLs in Evon which are used to inject into Roblox. This is a common phenomenon in all executors called “False Positives”. You can find out more about false positives here!

How does Evon earn money?

Evon actually uses FileDM revenue & Pop-Ups to pay its developers to continue to improve the executor.

I'm having an issue with Evon - Where can I get assistance?

You can join Evon's Discord right here

Ready to start using Evon?

Download for free

(Did I mention there's no key system?)